Monday, February 25, 2013

Top 3 Pick-me-Ups 2/25/13

Why "pick-me-ups"? As a Mom, I find that I need a word of encouragement, a new way of looking at a problem, or a new idea to try every once in a while. I'm glad to share with you 3 of the websites or blog posts that have helped me in some way---I hope it will be a blessing for you, too!  
 Keep an eye out for these each Monday  :-)

1. Ever feel intimidated by "those other women" who can seemingly handle every thing perfectly, all the time? (We all feel that way sometimes!) This inspired me:

"But I didn’t start out “built for it”. Nobody does. Kids require things of us—selflessness, hard work, physical and mental endurance—that none of us is fully equipped to provide for them. There’s no special mommy gene that I’ve got. If I can do this, anybody can."

Read more at Get Along Home. Great reminder that we are all dealing with stuff and doing the best we reasonably can. 

2. How to Keep a Beautiful Home @ Nursery of the Nation

(hint: this post is a little different than you may think at first glance)

3. Hair caddy!

This little tip of mine came about because I like to be able to find hairbrushes, spray bottles, elastics, mini bobbie pins and other clippies, etc. when its time to fix my daughter's hair. This way it's all in one place and can go any where. It also comes in handy when on Sunday morning the boys' hair needs some work and we are about to go out the door to church....yes, often we only care about their hairstyles, or lack or, once a week ;-)

I am thinking of putting another one together so we have one for each level of the house.


Enjoy your week!


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  1. I loved this one and I do believe that reading other awesome posts help to lift me daily. I think the idea of having the hair supplies on each floor is a very good one. Sunday mornings can be so hectic.


Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)